John Gilliom, Ph.D.

John Gilliom is a Professor of Political Science and Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio University. His research centers on the political and cultural dynamics surrounding the emergence of new forms of surveillance with a particular emphasis on gender, class, and the ethnography of struggle. Gilliom’s past books include, Overseers of the Poor: Surveillance, Resistance, and the Limits of Privacy (Chicago 2001) and Surveillance, Privacy and the Law: Employee Drug Testing and the Politics of Social Control (Michigan 1994).

Torin Monahan, Ph.D.

Torin Monahan is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His research explores the social implications of surveillance, with a focus on inequalities and possibilities for empowerment. His past books include Surveillance in the Time of Insecurity (Rutgers 2010), Schools under Surveillance: Cultures of Control in Public Education (w/ Rodolfo D. Torres, Rutgers 2010), Surveillance and Security: Technological Politics and Power in Everyday Life (Routledge 2006), and Globalization, Technological Change, and Public Education (Routledge 2005).